About Tamara

Tamara Simon is the Simple Solutions Specialist known as The BSi. As a Speaker, Author and Troubleshooter, she is all about solving problems with simple solutions.

Tamara specialises in helping Reluctant Business Owners and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) get CLEAR on their Business, People and Systems (BPS) Roadmap to build simple profitable businesses they love.

With a background in change management, business improvement, organisational development and vocational education and training (VET); Tamara has nearly two decades of experience in business development and improvement across private, public and not-for-profit organisations. She has also managed her own teams, and is quite comfortable having ‘hard conversations’ with staff on behalf of management.

Tamara has spoken at international and Australian conferences and is a regular Smallville Contributor.  Her articles have been published in association/network magazines including Women’s Network Australia, Building Designer’s Association of Queensland and Master Builders Queensland.

Tamara’s qualifications include:

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Management
  • Bachelor of Business – Management with an extended major in Management and a minor in Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110)
  • Diploma of Professional Writing (Professional Editing and Proofreading)

Tamara’s leadership and management experience has been recognised:

  • Queensland finalist in Telstra’s Young Business Women’s Awards
  • Brisbane finalist in AIM’s Young Manager Awards
  • ‘Leadership in VET’ Award for dedication to the VET sector

Tamara has published her first two business books which includes
the first business book written specifically for RTOs.

The Five Little Business Pigs

Helping Reluctant Business Owners build simple profitable businesses is her first business book.

The Five Little RTO Pigs

Helping Registered Training Organisations build simple profitable and compliant businesses.

Download the first three chapters for free!

Why The BSi

I’m sure you’re familiar with the crime scene shows where forensic investigators comb through crime scenes to determine what really happened to the victim. We watch them gather all the evidence slowly and carefully, treat the victim with empathy and compassion and continually question the evidence to ensure not only they have the right perpetrator but the evidence is solid enough to gain a conviction.

As a fan of these crime shows, I noticed there were many similarities between how a CSI investigates a scene to solve the case, and how I look at a business to determine what’s really happening. I also discovered that many businesses are like those crime scenes that need the same forensic attention in order to build a better business.

With my twenty years experience in business improvement, rather than looking at things at face value, I dig deep into the evidence in front of solve the mystery of a business problem with Simple Solutions to solve the case so I’m often called ‘the CSI for businesses’.

The ‘S’ can stand for many things, but clients and colleagues agree it covers
Simplicity, Systems and Solutions.

And as for the BS, well I cut through it, pure and simple.

In her spare time

Tamara is a dual Premiership junior netball coach, member of the Melbourne Vixens and Queensland Firebirds, and an avid and passionate member of the Hawthorn Football Club.

She likes going to see her beloved Hawks play, watching movies and stand up comedians, listening to 80’s music, and reading crime and autobiographical books.


0438 262 727
PO Box 191, Wavell Heights, North QLD 4012


0438 262 727
PO Box 191, Wavell Heights, North QLD 4012

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