Is Your Business Simple and Profitable?

Not sure or think the answer may be NO.

Then have a look at these questions to see if your Business really is simple, profitable and one you love.


7 Key Business Questions
  1. Have you determined the Vision, Purpose and Model for your Business?
  2. Are you and your People clear on the direction of the business?
  3. Do you have a documented one page Annual Business Plan?
  4. Is your Annual Business Plan achievable based on current capacity and capacity?
  5. Did you have a holiday in the last year?
  6. Can you leave your business for a day and it still operates?
  7. Can you tell anyone, in one sentence, who is your ideal client and why?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, then your Business needs some investigating.
Contact The BSi for simple practical solutions to start building your BPS Roadmap.

Business Strategy Session

9 + 1 =

Tamara’s professional advice and development of our policies, procedures and systems has proved extremely valuable in addressing our risk management and has provided a solid foundation on which our business can continue to grow. Under Tamara’s guidance, we have also developed an organisational structure which specifically meets the requirements of our business.

Arthur Martin

Martin Building Design

0438 262 727
PO Box 191, Wavell Heights, North QLD 4012

0438 262 727
PO Box 191, Wavell Heights, North QLD 4012

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